As the Business Model Canvas is achieving great successes in the entrepreneurial world, Materahub experts were of the opinion that it might be used as a model example for artists and creatives to help creating sustainable projects.

The Business Model Canvas: Could it also work for Artists?

Can you develop your creative entrepreneurship skills and abilities by working and playing with one of the key tools of entrepreneurship?

 We thought:

Why don’t we try to adapt such a useful tool as the Business Model Canvas to a dynamic sector like the “creative industry” to help artists and creatives and develop their projects?

That is how and why the 9 blocks were adapted to create the Creative Project Canvas!

Creative Canvas image

What is it?

It is a visual tool that improves communication in project teams and provides a simplified project overview.
It helps to draw a big picture, visualize your project and develop a shared vision with all participants. It is composed of 9 key elements.

Why use it?

- to broaden your artistic career horizons

- to develop an enterprising approach

- to review, to solve problems, plan and scope your project

The Creative project Canvas is a key tool to set break-in interventions, because it guides you through a straightforward process aimed at:

- setting your project’s goal/s, evaluating time and resources available
- using your skills and competences
- getting reviews, building a portfolio and marketing your skills
- developing a methodology for future work
- prospecting and predicting
- transferring and re-contextualising skills, knowledge and experience

There are 9 themes for each block including a brief description and questions to help you clarifying and reflecting on your project. The Notes/Answers sections contain tips suggested by artists and creatives who have already worked on Canvas. You will find extra questions and keywords, which are very useful if you face difficulties or need time to find out Your Answer!

Creative Canvas BITD

The Creative Project Canvas is a strategic framework that helps artists and creatives to plan SUSTAINABLE projects, where sustainability not necessarily refers to long-term economic profits but to solid foundations you need to establish for your professional human projects.

How can you do it?

Every project has a cultural value for the artist and empathy is the key to understand people; it will allow you as an artist and creative to apply your understanding within your own work.