Idea design process

The Idea Design Process is a tool to build your creative idea step by step and make your creative project real!

A creative idea needs time to be developed, tested and evaluated and the Idea Design Process is a key tool to analyse strengths and weaknesses and feasibility of your idea according to who you are and the context where you would like to realise it. This tool will help you defining and detailing your idea before making it real!


1. Start from an idea or an insight.
2. Define an idea you want to realize, a dream you want to make real, your next entrepreneurial project to be developed, your project to modify, restore and enlarge.
3. Follow the stairs step by step, accomplish all the tasks and provide documentations and evidences.
4. Manage your documentations as your Business Idea Book, in which you’ll add sketches, photos, images, videos, links, feedbacks, etc..
5. The Business Idea Book will be the key resource to write your project at the best.

The six steps of the Idea Design Process

The 6 steps