Competences addressed by this module

The key knowledges necessary to achieve good competences about finances are:

- Differentiating the different type of costs in a project.
- Knowing the most important methods to analyse the internal environment and costs of a business project.
- Knowing different methods to get financial resources which help you to set up business project.
- Being able to create a good cost plan for a project.

Objectives of the Module

At the end of this unit users will know:

- Different methods to help you analyse the internal environment of their business projects
- Types of cost structures (basic accountancy):
• Labour
• Capital
• Material/Product.
- Methods to do a good financial management of a project
- The two best-known methods to get financing for a project and how to implement them: Fundraising and crowfunding

This module will therefore focus on four important aspects of finances, and help you strengthen your knowledge to achieve your goals. The areas to be addressed are: Fundraising (Chapter 1), Crowdfunding (Chapter 2), Financial management (Chapter 3) and Accountancy –basic concepts (Chapter 4).


As an entrepreneur, you need to know different methods and business concepts which help you to make a better analysis the internal environment of your company. This kind of analysis is crucial for a business project success.
On the other hand, you need to learn the different type of costs which directly or indirectly affect to your business, and also in case you do not have enough financial resources to set up your project or a specific activity, you could need to know what the best methods to get funds are and how do they work . Also, in this unit you will learn what all the costs incurred to operate a business are.

The very essential contents/Learning objectives

• The cost-benefit analysis.
• A break-even analysis
• SWOT analysis
• The Balanced Scorecard
• Methods to get funds for your project: Fundraising and Crowdfunding

The main chapters