Competences addressed by this module:

  • Ability to market and sell a new product or idea in LEVEL 1 (Beginners) of the ArtENprise project framework 
  • Internet and communication skills including social media

Objectives of the Module:

  • To get to know the main characteristics of the storytelling technique applied to product marketing.
  • To analyse the main communication skills to be considered in the process of selling products.
  • To identify how to develop the oral presentation of a product or a project correctly by using the pitching technique.
  • To get to know the most commonly used social tools in online marketing worldwide.
  • To understand the importance of marketing by using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the optimization of web sites by using Search Engine Optmization (SEO) and Google AdWords as a SEM tool.


Marketing techniques have significantly changed over the last years, specially due to the use of standard social tools in the web 2.0. In this unit we will see a series of key aspects that will be necessary to success in selling your products, both in person and via Internet. We will learn about the storytelling technique and how it can help you, the main communication skills to be taken into account when selling your products, the pitching technique and how it can be used to present a product in the best way, the social media tools most commonly used in marketing through the Internet and the importance of knowing some terms such al SEM, SEO o Google AdWords. All these concepts will help you to think about the best strategy to follow in order to improve the marketing of your product and, consequently, your personal brand on the web.

The main chapters: